"The next step in the evolution of Fruit & Veg City was to create a modern eatery where food aficionados could indulge in a range of gourmet foods. It was this vision that finally gave birth to the Food Lover’s Market, a theatre of food that was designed specifically with connoisseurs in mind." - SAFINDit 

"Newspaper House is one of Cape Town’s historic sites. It’s in this very building that the first ever Cape Argus was printed in January 1857 on Saul Solomon’s printing press, which would go on to become one of the city’s most beloved institutions.

The shopping experience is unique in its own right as you know full well that you’re now part of this important piece of Cape Town’s history. It is an unparalleled journey as you are surrounded by the beauty and elegance of each and every one of the uniquely designed in-store departments." - HAMILTONS

Here, at The Food Lover's Market, we try to accommodate the needs and wants of everyone.

As such, feel free to come over and enjoy any number of our many options, including:

  • Bakery
  • Restaurant
  • Pizzeria
  • Biltong Bar
  • Doughnut Deli
  • Cheese Deli
  • Smoothies and Fruit Salads
  • Fresh Produce
  • Grill Shack
  • Sushi Bar
  • Pasta Bar
  • Hot Deli
  • Salad Bar